Selling your idea

How to Sell your New Idea

This section deals with the hardest part of the invention process - selling your idea.

So you have done a patent search, developed your idea to a professional standard, applied for your patent and maybe even have a fully working prototype but what next? Well now comes the hard bit - selling your idea.

Dragon's Den
How to win the Dragon's hearts (and money!)
Dragon's Den is a fantastic way of getting funding for your new idea and also some instant publicity! But how do you get a impressive looking presentation or prototype of your idea to go on the show?
Licensing an idea
How to get a license agreement for your new idea
A licensing agreement is an agreement between a company and yourself in which they agree to pay you a set amount of every one of your idea that they product and sell. This is a cheaper way of profiting from your idea.
How to get your new idea made
Manufacturing and selling your new idea yourself involves a high initial setup cost but could be very lucrative in the long run. In this section we explore the best way of manufacturing, distributing and selling your idea.
Starting a business
How to setup a business to market and sell your idea
A quick guide to the basics of setting up a business to manufacture, distribute and sell your new product idea. Just an introduction to the basics but neverless a valuable guide to those early stages.
Invention Marketing Companies
Guide to using invention marketing companies
Some Invention marketing companies have a bad reputation. These companies promise the earth so beware! In this article we talk you through how to make sure that you don't get ripped off.

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