Patenting an idea

This sections aims to introduce you to the world of patents. It offers a summary of applying for a patent, and the advantages of using a Patent Agent or Attorney.

How to apply for a patent

There are 2 main routes to apply for a patent. The first route is to draft and self file your own patent application directly. The second route is to use a professional such as a Patent Agent or Patent Attorney.

There are advantages and disadvantages of each route. Using a Patent Agent or Attorney can be very expensive but if budget is not a problem then it is clearly the best route as you get the benefit of their training and expertise in wording patent applications. Self drafting and filing is a much cheaper option, and it may be possible to get a Patent Agent or Attorney to draft the application and file it yourself. However if drafting yourself you will need to complete your own wording of the description, abstract, claims sections and also complete your own patent drawings, and when filing yourself you will need to manage dates and ensure you do not miss deadlines.

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