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How to Apply for a Patent

The basic requirement for any successful patent application is that the idea is novel. A large percentage of applications fail to be granted because the idea proves not to be new. However an idea can be an improvement on an existing idea. It is often prudent to complete a worldwide search to see if the idea has already been patented before filing a patent application.

A patent application basically involves 2 steps:

  • Step 1. Draft your description and complete patent drawings - Drafting your patent can be carried out by a patent agent or you can choose to draft the application yourself. Either way it helps to have a patent search report detailing existing patents so you can make sure your patent application is worded to avoid infringing existing patents.
If you wish to use a patent agent you should first read this section: Choosing a patent agent

  • Step 2. File a Form 1 with your description and drawings at the UK Patent Office. If you are using an agent then they will do this on your behalf. Otherwise you will need to complete the form yourself, attach a full description of your idea and the drawings and send the completed patent application to:

    Intellectual Property Office,
    Concept House,
    Cardiff Road,
    South Wales,
    NP10 8QQ
    United Kingdom

Alternatively this can be done online. UK IPO Patent Filing ONLINE

Patent Search
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Filing a Patent
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Patent Pending
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