Prototyping an Idea

How to Prototype your Idea

Guide to getting a prototype made of your idea.

There is no doubt about it having a prototype is likely to improve your chances of your idea becoming a success. However prototyping can be expensive. We explain the benefits of prototyping, when a prototype is necessary and how to get a prototype made of your idea.

When a prototype is necessary:

  • If there is any doubt if the idea will work
  • If the idea is hard to understand by a graphic presentation alone
  • When the idea is best handled to be fully appreciated
  • When money is no problem

Benefits of Prototyping:

  • Impresses investors and/or companies more than a graphic presentation
  • A working prototype demonstrates that the idea is developed and therefore often means the inventors can ask for higher royalty payments
  • A prototype gets you closer to manufacturing the idea yourself
  • Prototyping shows people you are serious about the idea

Prototyping Costs: It is hard to give a general cost for prototypes as it depends hugely on the individual idea. A small handheld electronic product with simple electronics would typically cost around 2500 - 4000. A mechanical device similar in size to a washing machine would typically costs around 5000 - 8000. A fabric prototype of a unique garment might cost around 1000 - 2000. It is worth bearing in mind that a simple proof of principle prototype might be all that is necessary to prove that an idea works. It might look very different from the production item but neverless would improve your concept presentation. Alternatively a simple aesthetic model might be a less expensive alternative as well.

Product Design
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Having a professional develop your idea can make all the difference when you present your idea to a company or investor. It is definately worth spending a relatively small amount now to improve your chances of success.
Tips for Inventors
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