Product Design

Product Design

Guide to using a product designer to develop your idea into a product.

Product Designers specialise in helping people develop their ideas into market ready products. Traditionally product designers aim their services at businesses who wish to develop new product without the expense of running an in house research and development department. However it is possible to find product designers who help individuals and don't charge business to business prices.
Benefits of product design include:

  • A good product designer will turn your sketch into a great looking product
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) can resolve any issues that you have overlooked
  • Rendering software can produce images that look almost like a photograph of your product - bound to impress investors!
  • Materials and manufacture would have been considered making your product look feasible to produce
  • CAD means the product can be viewed from all angles on a computer resolving issues that previously would have needed an expensive prototype
  • Product design results in a professional presentation which sometimes means you can sell your idea without ever having to pay for a expensive prototype

Choosing a product designer
We suggest that you use a product designer who specialises in working with individuals, not companies, and has a proven track record in producing presentations of ideas that have gone on to profit the inventor. Ideally that product designer will have an understanding of patenting and will be able to develop your idea to avoid infringing others patents. They should hopefully be able to interpret your worldwide patent search and bear similar patents in mind while they are developing your idea.

How to get a prototype of your idea
A prototype can be a very valuable tool in selling your idea to industry or gaining investment to set up a business to produce your idea. It can also help assess the costs for a business plan.
Tips for Inventors
Our Best Advice condensed into 10 Top Tips
Launching a new product idea can be a tricky business but with some expert guidance it can be made a lot easier. Here is our best advice summarised into an easy understand list of Top Tips!

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