The Invention Process

The Invention Process

We talk you through the process of taking an idea to market with advice on design, idea development, prototyping and profiting from your idea.

This section aims to direct you along the most cost effective cost to profiting from your idea. It is assumed that you have done an originality search prior already so you have an indication of whether it is worth proceeding with your idea. If not then read this section first: The Importance of a Patent Search

So once you have completed a global patent search and you think the prospects for protecting your idea are strong what do you do next? Well you just file a patent apllication as quickly as possible. However it is worth bearing in mind that after 12 months patenting can get expensive. Therefore it is wise to do as much work as possible prior to filing that initial application. Doing more work now means that as soon as you have filed your application you can start presenating your idea to companies and/or investors.

Now a company will not be too impressed by your back of an envelope sketch so you need to develop a professional looking concept presentation and potentially a prototype. The second advantage of completing these thigns prior to filing your patent application is that you will have more detail to put into your patent application which may well strengthen the application and improve the chances of it being granted.

Use the links below to read more about using a product designer to develop a professional concept presentation and how to get a prototype built of your idea.

Product Design
The importantance of professional product design
Having a professional develop your idea can make all the difference when you present your idea to a company or investor. It is definately worth spending a relatively small amount now to improve your chances of success.
How to get a prototype of your idea
A prototype can be a very valuable tool in selling your idea to industry or gaining investment to set up a business to produce your idea. It can also help assess the costs for a business plan.
Tips for Inventors
Our Best Advice condensed into 10 Top Tips
Launching a new product idea can be a tricky business but with some expert guidance it can be made a lot easier. Here is our best advice summarised into an easy understand list of Top Tips!

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