Cone Champ was originally sketched by Gary Shepard in 2005. He spoke to a patent agent about patenting the idea and decided to find a company who could help him with the design and making the idea work. He was also looking for someone with manufacturing and prototyping experience. In the end he used Innovate Product Design who designed the product, developed it further and then built a proof of principle and pre-production prototype.

Gary then used the CAD files for the pre-production prototype to get the tooling made in Germany. The first cone champs were ready in 2007 and since then Gary has worked tirelessly to bring the product to market. He has signed up several major distributors and the product is now in 15 countries. Gary however is not satisfied yet and has been filming for Dragon's Den with the hope of attracting some major investment and ideally someone with the retail contacts.

For more information, or to buy Cone Champ, see Gary's website here: Cone Champ: For picking up Sports Marker Cones

Gary used Innovate Design to help him design and develop his idea. He speaks very highly of them and if you want to develop your idea please use this link: Patent advice, idea development and prototypes from Innovate Design

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