Anyway Up Cup

Mandy's story is fasinating as she has done it all. She has: conducted full prior art patent searches; used a patent agent to draft and file a professional patent application; set up manufacturing in the UK; registered trademarks; achieved granted patents in the UK, US and other countries; registered designs; granted manufacturing and distribution licenses and even sued a leading UK nursery product company for infringing her patent.

To read more about Mandy Haberman read her personal case study on her website: Mandy Haberman Anyway Up Cup Case Study

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anyway Up cup Mandy Haberman
Using a Patent Agent
A guide a choosing and commissioning a Patent Agent
Patent Agents, also known as Patent Attorneys, can be hugely expensive so take some advice before commissioning one to complete and file your patent application. It might be better to self file your patent application...
The Patent process
How to navigate the minefiled of Patents
From patent applications, to patenting forms, using a Patent Agent, the PCT and International Patent Filing this guide takes you through the whole process. Unmissable reading for all would be patentees.
Patent Search
Why you should conduct a global patent search
Conducting a global patent search prior to filing your patent application can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. In this section we explain why also how to commission a search.
Licensing an idea
How to get a license agreement for your new idea
A licensing agreement is an agreement between a company and yourself in which they agree to pay you a set amount of every one of your idea that they product and sell. This is a cheaper way of profiting from your idea.

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