Case Studies

Some success stories of persistant UK inventors.

Having read all about the theory of patenting, developing and selling your idea, we thought you might like to read about some successful UK inventors. These individuals have gone all the way with their concept and are now profiting from taking their idea to market.

Cone Champ
Gary Shephard is now selling cone champ in 15 countries!
Cone Champ is a device for picking up sports marker cones. It making picking up cones much quicker and less back breaking. Gary developed his idea and invested in tooling made in Germany. Find out more in this article...
Anyway Up Cup
Mandy Haberman invented the Anyway Up Cup
The Anywayup Cup, as it has become known in the UK, is a totally non-drip, non-spill children's trainer cup. Even if vigorously shaken, or dropped, it will not spill. Read all about Mandy's invention process here...

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