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PatentMyIdea offers expert advice on design, patents, copyrighting, license agreements and more. We hope to cover everything an inventor needs to know to take their idea to market.
We think inventors are best off spending as much time as possible doing what they do best - being creative. Unfortunately, however, there are a lot of other aspects that require attention. As well as being an inventor, they must be an intellectual property expert, a product designer, an electronics expert, a materials specialist, a business strategy planner and a marketing genius.
This site aims to cover all bases by providing inventors with information on many of the potential hurdles and providing useful contacts, leaving the inventor to simply invent.

Our website brings together experts and experienced inventors to provide high quality information of direct relevance to inventors. For further information, please email us: info@patentmyidea.org

About Us

Patent My Idea is a division of Innovate Product Design Ltd. Dedicated to helping inventors worldwide with idea protection, development and production.

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