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So you have a great new idea. What do you do next? This site aims to answer your main questions, giving you an overview of the patent application process, using a patent professionals, getting a prototype and even pitching on Dragons' Den or Shark Tank. Written by experts in the field of patenting and invention development, the site draws on many years of experience in successfully developing and selling new ideas.

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Dragons' Den
How to win the Dragons' hearts (and money!)
Dragons' Den is a fantastic way of getting funding for your new idea, as well as some instant publicity! But how do you get a impressive looking presentation or prototype of your idea ready to use on the show?
Shark Tank
Taking your product to the Shark Tank!
ABC is looking for the next successful entrepreneurs or inventors to take part in the show. It's a great way to get funding and publicity.
Using a Patent Agent
A guide a choosing and commissioning a Patent Agent
Patent Agents, also known as Patent Attorneys, can be hugely expensive, so take some advice before commissioning one to complete and file your patent application. It might be better to self-file your patent application...
Invention Marketing
The best ideas are useless if they aren't noticed
Marketing your invention to industry is a vital but difficult step in getting your idea to market. There are companies out there who claim to help you, but beware, some are just scams. We help you avoid the pitfalls.
Tips for Inventors
Making the most of your new idea
Patents, licensing, registered designs, marketing your idea - there are a lot of steps in the invention process. This page is a good place to start and gives you the best of our combined knowledge in 10 easy to follow Top Tips.
The Patent Process
How to navigate the minefiled of Patents
From patent applications to patenting forms, using a Patent Agent, the PCT and International Patent Filing, this guide takes you through the whole process. Unmissable reading for all would be patentees.

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